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Chris Fleming: YouTube vlogs are just the beginning here!

Tell me about yourself

My name is Chris Fleming; i am a personal trainer and fitness/lifestyle influencer living in Toronto Ontario, originally from a smaller town 4 hours north or Toronto named Sudbury (the big nickel). I wanted to get to a bigger city where the possibilities of what I can do in life is endless! And the winters aren’t as cold 😂

How I became famous on Instagram.

Great question as I originally had no intention of pursuing a career through social media.

My beautiful girlfriend Andrea told me to open up my Instagram account from private with maybe 400 followers to the public only 7 months ago. 120 thousand followers later I’m here, constantly looking for new ways to give my advice and entertain my amazing following. The motivation I can provide them drives me day to day to create the best content I can on Instagram and YouTube ~ flemshow TV

My fitness plan

Currently I’m doing a lean/bulk program, I want to get my strength back and start to focus on leg growth and core stability as I am 6’5” and have had not only the ‘hard gainer’ struggle but the long limbs and giant range of motion to battle.

How do I keep my body fit?

I changed my whole outlook on life and what ‘fun’ really was. I stopped drinking, focused on what to do in the kitchen and got myself on a proper meal plan day to day, I supplement according to my body’s needs and stay on top of much needed sleep and hydration. Recovery is key, and abs are made in the kitchen folks.

When I started with tattoos?

It stated when I was 16 with my first tricep tattoo but really took off in the last 4 years finishing my entire torso, arms, head (ouch) and right leg! I love my ink and the freedom tattoos allow you to have! People can judge but frankly DILLIGAF.

Future projects?

I will be focusing on travelling in 2018 to many expos and with my sponsors to meet and greet many of my fans face to face to get a better connection with my following! Tons to come with new ideas, and plans happening weekly and I cannot wait to show you guys!

YouTube vlogs are just the beginning here, so stay tuned to see what’s to come!

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