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Patrick Beinlich: If I have a goal I will do everything to achieve it !!

Tell me about yourself

My name is Patrick, I am 28 years old and live in Cologne.
I am a professional actor in a German TV series and incidentally model.

How you start acting?

In addition to my former job as a construction worker and industrial worker, I’ve modeled myself to earn a living!
So then one came to another.

Why you define yourself successful?

I am always myself and do not pretend!
I am consistent and believe in myself !!
If I have a goal I will do everything to achieve it !!

How you keep your life balance?

Through sports such as fitness and football.

What will your future projects?

Currently I’m under contract in a successful German TV series as an actor and very happy about it.
Incidentally, I have one or the other promotional offer but currently nothing concrete.

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