Thoughtful and romantic. Handsome young man wearing hat and looking away while sitting against the wooden wall
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The Ultimate Guide for Men’s Hat Styling

There’s just something captivating about a man who wears hats. Always displaying his own personal style, he garners appreciative glances virtually everywhere he goes. He commands attention without even seeking it, with hats integral to his overall look. Ultimately, the way he achieves that look is a simple matter of individual styling.

While some men seem to have an innate ability to style a hat with virtually anything in their closets, most men could use a bit of help. The fact is that hats for men are fun additions to a wardrobe. By selecting a hat that beckons to you, you are already halfway there. The other half is in coordinating that hat with your existing fashions or with a new piece or two to create a mix that is completely “you.” The only question is which version of yourself you want to present to the world.

Perhaps you will find yourself in one of these:

Relaxed and Playful

For the casual man, the one whose jeans and T-shirts are favorite weekend wear and who exchanges that T-shirt for a button-down shirt when a more polished look is needed, a men’s flat cap such as an ivy cap always works. In plaid or a menswear fabric such as tweed, it’s a relaxed look that adds a playful upgrade to laid-back fashions.


Thoughtful and romantic. Handsome young man wearing hat and looking away while sitting against the wooden wall

Elegant and Dashing

On the other end of the spectrum is the top hat. A traditionally formal styling, there is no more elegant and sophisticated pairing than a black top hat and a tuxedo. For even more debonair style, the addition of a black, chrome-handled walking cane finishes this look in consummate style.

Stylishly Suave

Then there’s one hat that has the word “gentleman” written all over it. That’s a men’s fedora hat. With it’s wide brim and creased crown, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any daywear, from a suit or tailored overcoat to a sports coat worn with jeans. Similarly, for summertime charisma, try a Panama hat. Quite reminiscent of a fedora, but in straw, the Panama coordinates with summer suits or the cool style of a guayabera shirt and tailored pants. Classics that exude masculine charm, both a fedora and a Panama hat belong in every man’s collection.

Serious old-fashioned man in tweed hat wearing suspenders and bow tie, posing on dark background.


Sporty Swagger

Sometimes a man wants a hat with a bit of swag, a hat that boldly proclaims his individuality. A pork pie hat, with its low, flat crown, does this in grand style all year long. Its small brim and flat crown with an indentation along its perimeter distinguish this hat from all others, making it a hat that partners as well with daytime formal apparel, such as a suit or blazer as it does with jeans and a well-chosen shirt.

Regardless of what he wears with this hat, a man walks with the swagger that this hat conveys.

In each case, it’s the hat that makes the difference. So go ahead, get a hat and style it as only you can.

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