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I’m Gus and my motto is “life is better at 40”

Tell me about yourself

Hi everybody around the globe! Welcome to the world a Brazilian guy from Rio who loves to travel and share experiences with cool places, people, and activities. I’m Gus and my motto is “life is better at 40”. Taking good care of myself through daily exercise between going to the gym and practicing yoga, along with a healthy diet plan, has always been a goal since I was a teenager. So I feel better in my 40s than I ever did before. Besides going to the beach whenever I can, which is something we can enjoy year round here in Brazil, I love cooking healthy meals using products from my own farm, a rural property located about 1 hour and 30 min from the city of Rio (@fazendadostamarins). There, I also grown native trees, raise chickens for fresh eggs, a few dairy cows for fresh milk, plus a variety of fruits and vegetables that are natural, fresh and super healthy, like the famous açaí berries from an Amazonia palm tree that grows well at the farm. So, this is me: a healthy, easy-going Brazilian guy who enjoys a good balance between life in the city, a dip on the beach, and the good things that come from the countryside.

How you keep your life balance?

I always tell my younger friends that the secret to living well when you get to be 40 is to work hard when you are in your 20s and 30s. So many of my young friends are seduced by a life of partying that takes them away from reaching larger goals for their future. So, I keep my balance by working on the things I really like, such as taking good care of my body and mind. I recently became a partner at a Brazilian bathing suit company , so the beach lifestyle is now complete for me!

Whats your diet plan?

I haven’t had any red meat for over 20 years now both for health and philosophical reasons. I eat very little sugar and always try to have a good amount of protein throughout the day. I am also a fan of green detox juices, so everyday I try to make myself some combination of kale, lime and ginger to keep me healthy and hydrated.

Whats your fitness plan?

Every day, after waking up, I go through a gentle yoga routine that awakens, stretches and strengthens my body first thing in the morning. I never have breakfast right away as I prefer to detox first. Later in the morning, I have egg whites and then.hit the gym, which I go 6 days a week. And I am a huge fan of the outdoors, so I really enjoy going hiking and long walks along the beach.

How you become a famous blogger?

Last year, when I started the site,  I did not have a clear idea of where, or which direction it would take me. I knew I had a passion for traveling and that I wanted to share ideas, hints, and reviews about cool places to see and visit around the world. Little by little I started to see how design, fashion, hotels, lifestyle, architecture were all integrated into the millennial culture I was writing for. So now, a year into it, I go where I see something cool and try to share it as best as I can.

What’s your favourite style so far and why?

Definitely casual and contemporary beachwear. I love bathing suits, sandals, sunglasses, t-shirts and Bermuda shorts, which are all part of the Rio lifestyle. Of course, in the evening, I also like to get a bit more dressed up but still maintaining a casual atmosphere that is typical of my country. Cotton and linen shirts, jeans and lightweight pants, and tennis shoes are key to my style. I have had many friends have come to Rio from abroad for the first time who have fallen in love with the cool and casual Rio style, so I guess this is the main reason why I love living here and enjoy the Brazilian casual and relaxed style.

What’s your favourite country so far and why?

That is one of the hardest questions for me but besides loving Brazil I also love the US, a country where I lived for over 10 years going to school. There are so much diversity and so many incredible places to visit that I never get tired of going back. Huge mountains, canyons, deserts, beaches, swamps,  forests, and cool cities with amazing architecture and great shopping make the US my number one destination outside Brazil.

How you clean your face?

 I’m a basic guy so I only use soap and water. Sunscreen for the day and nothing else keeps my skin strong and healthy looking. I believe that taking good care of what goes inside the body will eventually end up showing in the skin. So healthy life = healthy skin!

Can you give us about your private life?

Is it private right?  So, let’s keep it that way (lol). I’m a very open minded guy who treats everyone with fairness and friedlyness.

What are your future projects?

I plan to continue doing the things I have been doing and of course traveling and sharing ideas as much as I can. Canada is my next destination and then Colombia and the US in the fall. I would love to return to Japan, an amazing country that has the most cordial and respectful people in this world. I also try to visit some part of Europe once a year, so destinations such as Croatia, the Algarve, Sicily, the French Alps, the Canary Islands, Galicia and Scotland are on my radar. I love being a part of the millennial culture and lifestyle where we are all connected and dividing what we feel and see.
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