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How to Gain More Muscle Quickly with Francesco Brunetti?

Tell me about yourself

I’m Francesco Brunetti, 24 years old from Italy. I Grow up in San Costanzo, a little village in the middle east of Italy a small community where everybody know each other. i’m coming from a family of farmers, My father is the owner of an agricultural company and my mother works in a nursing home. I studied in a technical commercial institute during the High school period and on the summer time i was use to work as Lifeguard in a beach resort. On the free time i was helping my family in the farm and in the house, but my passions were playing at computer games, and training for endurance sports like running, biking and swimming. I also started going to gym to build more muscles cose i always been very skinny, and i didn’t liked myself that much.
At the age of 17 i got scouted by an Italian scouter winch brought me in one of the biggest agency in Milan, Fashion. I had my debut in the spring-summer 2010 in Milan, and then i went back in my hometown to get the graduation.
After that, on 2012 i moved to Milan and started my full time modeling career and my life changed a lot! the impact with a big city was super good and i meet lot of new people, i grow and i builted an other character. By the same time i also started working in Abercrombie and Fitch store, as shirtless in the entrance and it was an amazing experience with lot of workmates from my same age, but my modeling career were going well so i decided to travel in other places. so far I’ve been in different cities in Europe and America, and i’ll be always glad to this job that gave me the opportunities to travel.
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Shot for Sport Week by Massimo Pamparana

How you keep your life balance?

I always thought that being balanced in everything is the best way of life! for example i eat healthy at home but i’m not in straight diet so i also go out in every kind of restaurants, i train often but not too much compared an athlete, i travel sometimes but i also stay fix in a city for a bit cose i think is easier to work for regular clients when you are based in a city for a while. i like going out and drink alcohol but i also stay home watching TV. And i have to say, i like blondes but also Brunettes ahah
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Shot for MR. TURK

Whats your diet plan?

My diet plan is pretty similar always around 2.800 kcal.: i start the morning with a cup of milk, oats dark chocolate and fruits, For Lunch i eat a dish of pasta and an other dish of vegetables and some protein Then some nuts in the afternoon and for dinner meat or fish with a side of vegetables. I also eat cakes or ice cream, usually are for snack before training. I also drink alcohol but not more then a glass of wine per day, but lately i’m exceeding it too much ahah
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Shot for Vogue Japan by Giampaolo Sgura. Girl Model: Rosie Huntington

Whats your fitness plan?

My fitness plan is to workout around 5 times per week. at this point i’ve to say i also studied personal training with ISSA, so i know some stuff about training!
 My schedule changes in base at the place where i am and where is easier to workout in that time, and also depends by how i need to train in that period.
In few words,first month i do Hypertropy which are exercises i do more in gym focused on getting bigger, and an other month i train more the cardiovascular system with Super Sets and High Intensity Interval Training, exercises combined together to have stronger hearth and breath.
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Shot for ADON by Gregory Metcalf

Style is what for you?

Style is everything that looks beautiful! could be a way to dress up, but could also be a personality, but in this fashion world is more expressed in things like cloths or interior design. For me Style is a mix of personality and cloths, which is pretty important to present yourself to people, specially like in my job where i need to give the better impression in about 2 minutes casting. But in my life style is not relevant, because i care more about many other things before style.
Shot for David magazine by Valentina Melzi

Do you like travel?

Oh my god! i love travelling. I think it really open your mind meeting other cultures and other people. Life is made by moments, every time you are in a place, the moment you live is different, specially because of the people you are with, and the opportunity you have. I travel often because there are a lot of beautiful places i wanna visit and because i wanna see other fashion market, so i’ll might have chances to get more jobs.
Shot for StarSistem by Luca di Fazio

Do you spend your money for buy something?

Yes obviously i spend my money! i keep track of all the spenses during the entire year, every years. I’ve to say i mostly spend money in Train and Flights, Rents and Hotels, and also Dinners and Aperitif. I define myself a money saver, but i also spend lot of money for everything unfortunately even though i hold myself cose i had a plan to buy an apartment in Milan to live in.
Shot for Playboy by Gaultier Pellegrin

Which one do you prefer simple or dapper why?

I usually prefer simple and basic, it’s easier to carry stuff in a luggage when you travel. Dapper, Elegant are a bit more difficult, you need to keep suites or shirts hanged in a wardrobe, and i don’t always have the iron, but i would like to dress more elegant sometimes. So maybe in future i’ll change my style a little bit. But i will always dress easily, with jeans and t shirt cose i think is very comfortable and easy.
Shot by Francis Glen

Do you follow other bloggers?

I don’t follow any bloggers, i only spend some time in Instagram looking for what my friends are doing and also some other instagrammers similar to me to have ideas in what to post.

How you become a famous blogger?

well, i’m not a blogger! i would say more influencer, but i’m only a model well followed on Instagram, where i mostly post my life, job, friends, places where i go, food i eat, and some collaboration with brands.

What’s your favorite style so far and why?

My favorite style on the pictures i post is something that really represent me through the character, cloths style and sportive. Is difficult to explain  but i like to see a mix of pictures together in my home which i think they represent me on the best way. Usually the fist 12 pictures are important to give an impression to somebody that visit a profile for the first time.
Shot for Men’s Healt by Dario Altamura

What’s your favourite country so far and why?

My favourite country it’s Italy! my country! ehehe i like europe and america but italy is where my family lives, where i have most friends and where is easyer for me to live. Is an amazing country, food is incredibly good and there are lot of amazing places to go.

What are your future projects?

For now i still don’t have a huge project for my life, i have some different short terms projects. One is getting graduated in personal training and the other is to refurnish my new apartment i just bought in Milan. I have some little project to work more but is still to early to talk about it. Anyway i think that people that really wanna improve in their life they always find a way to do it.
Shot for Mangano by Maurizio Montani

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