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International model from Germany: Tobias Schwetz

About myself:

Hey everyone.

My name is Tobias Schwetz I`m an international model from Germany.

At the moment I travel around the world for modelling and seeing new places and meet new people.

I have been in Sydney now for two months, I have had a few photoshoots, I watched the mercedes Benz fashion week and I got lots of awesome pictures for my model book.

I`m an extrovert and I love to meet new people to hear their storys and have a great time with them.

In addition to that I`m a big fan of art, I like to be creative and to show artistic flair.

I hate to be normal, I love to be crazy and to follow my own path…

On my Instagrampage tobias.schwetz_official I`ll give you a deep insight into my model life (Workouts/ Eating/ Castings / Jobs) if you ever dreamed about to travel around the world and to model visit my page to get motivated .


How my readers get abs like you?

To get abs like me its very important to eat clean because eating is 70% of the result just 30% is training.

Additionally to that I work out 6 times a week, twice a day.

Every morning I do my abs workout.

It´s about different abs exercises and short breaks between the sets.

I do two exercises in a row, after that I have a 15sec break then I repeat 10 more times.

Whats my diet plan?

I eat 6 times a week clean which means I eat in the morning for breakfast (fruits/ eggs / vegetables) the other 5 meals are chicken rice and sweetpotato.

On the seventh day of the week is my cheat day where I eat what I want. Sometimes you have to treat yourself


How you keep your life balance?

My recipe for a healthy and positive life balance is doing a lot of sport, sleeping 8 hours a day and healthy meals.

It´s also very important for me to have a daily routine.

One of my favorite routine is my Morning routine:

I wake up every day at 6am start with a Yoga session after that I do my abs workout and I take a cold shower and have a good and healthy breakfast.

So I start the day perfectly.


Style is what for you?


Because the first thing before you start speaking to a new person is his or her style.

And your first opinion is made of the style that he or she is wearing.

So style is very important for me. I love to wear colourful clothes, clothes with a destroyed look and my favourites are oversized sweaters.

Whats your future plan?

My next step is, flying to China for modeling in Hong Kong.

Im looking forward to it and I love to share all my experience with my fans on my Instagram.

After that I travel to Hawaii to celebrate my birthday and to learn surfing.


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