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5 Successful Fitness Bloggers

5. Myles Leask

I think he is one of the best Fitness Blogger. Lets look his latest post. He always post inspirational quotes with his post.  “I Am Not My Achievements, I Am My Failures. Everyone Of Them Forging Me Into Who I Am Today! Failures Only Really Count If You Give Up….”

4. Antonio Pozo

He has a great Spanish Body. He always travel and we are jealous of his body. So he is also one of the best fitness and travel blogger.

3. Andreas Linder

During the 3rd in the list of Andreas linder. It’s one of the fitness bloggers we like the most with both body and clothing style.

2. Mario Hervas

Both the flashy body and clothing and lifestyle inspire us.


1.  Ramon Punet

There is a spanish ramon during the first of the list. He is combination of muscle style with classic style.




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