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Best Model Of Turkey Candidate Fatih Şener

Tell me about yourself

Hi, my name is Fatih Şener.I was born in İstanbul and also 19 years old. Three times a week I go to gym for Best Model Of Turkey. I have to be power in this way.Because that it is my dream.Always I used to want to be model and international actor.

How you keep your life balance?

Firstly, readers have to decide that what they want to do in life. Then they should start for their dreams. Also, being disciplined extremely important, if they want to be a model or actor.This is my rules.

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Whats your diet plan?

Very basic, I do not use sugar anytime.Eating protein such as fish,kitchen makes me happy this is because my body get more powerful. Also, I eat 5 times in a day.


Whats your fitness plan?

I go to gym 3 times a week, and I work different area in my body each time. When I go to gym I never be interested just work work work.. I have different gym program. So I have to focus on this rules for my future life.

Style is what for you?

It means that, most of important think in this questions I think , what you think that if you wear something and feel good or not ? If people feel good it’s style for them. But I try to keep fashıon.I care about my appearance. So,generally I prefer to buy new collection and also vintage collections.

What are your future projects?

There are many proposal for me but as you know that I should not rush for this situations. I must choose more powerfull project,it provide too many success.Thank you for interview.

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