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Mario Schafzahl: I Eat Higher Carbs on Training Days & Lower Carbs on Rest Day

Tell me about yourself

My Name is Mario Schafzahl and I´m from austria.
In my past I was a started for the austrian karate nationalteam, so that´s where my flexibility comes from. Today I work as a model and I´m helping others to achieve their „dream bodies“ with my concept „Get shredded and stay shredded“ (, which is about getting lean first and then building muscles as fatfree as possible to feel comfortable 365 days of a year. Besides this I´m studying economics for improving myself in business and stuff like that.

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Whats your diet plan?

My diet changes depending on my current goals but I always try to keep my lean look all year long. So most of the time I use the carb cycling strategy which means I eat higher carbs on training days and lower carbs on rest day. Furthermore I keep my vegetable and protein intake high.

Whats your fitness plan?

I normally change my workout plan every 6-8 weeks to keep it fresh and challenging but it always includes some compound movements like squats, deadlifts or benchpress. I also like to implement a lot of supersets and dropsets.

Style is what for you?

Fashion and a good style is very important for me. I like to wear trendy clothes casually but also in the gym when I´m working out because when you look good you also feel good and it can boost your motivation.


What are your future projects?

My overall goal in the fitness industry is to be on a cover like men´s health and to motviate and inspire people to live their life in a healthy way. Furthermore I want to finish my studys and always working to improve my skills as a coach.

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