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Elio Ministeri: Wine, Travel, Fashion & Adventure are My Passion

Tell me about yourself

My name is Elio and I’m 25 years old. I’m a Italian guy, I’ve a degree in enology. My passions are wine, travel, fashion and adventure.  I currently live in Venice, a city I love, my dimension, plus it’s a central point where I am move to Europe and the world with great ease.  I working with alcoholics and tourism, I also a handmade beer producer. The passion for me has brought me the desire to explore, to travel and consequently let me know another wonderful and smart aspect, like a prestigious wine, that’s Fashion, to have the right clothes for every occasion.

Style is what for you

Style for me doesn’t mean knowing to have signed clothes. Having style for me means having your own way of thinking. If a person has style in thinking and then doing, he has style in everything, in dressing, taking a picture, knowing how to approach a girl, etc. That’s why my website “” called it “Sips of Style”, so many sips of a single quality.

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How you keep your life balance?

I think it ‘s very important to have precise goals to fix and work on it every day. Have consistency and above all the right balance on everything. I like to commit myself really hard for my goals as to train hard at gym, to think about the next shooting, follow a right nutritious diet, etc. But it’s also a good idea to take a break, go out with friends, go to eat a pizza, meet new people in real life. I think this is the right balance to keep in my life.

Whats your summer style?

The style of this summer is basic, with a few shades. In this way you can enhance the look of yourself. I choose a simple basic white t-shirt to enhance tanning after a day of sea. Or I can also prefer a total black in the evening, as black is always a smart and impeccable color.

Whats your next projects?

About my next projects I’m going to go around the Europe and then in autumn I’m going to join in some fashion event in United States. Meanwhile I keep my followers up to date through my social channels, especially Instagram @elioministeri. Other important projects: to have new partnerships and collaborations with many brand.

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