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Charlie Garforth Give Us His Secret for Fitness & Physique

Tell me about yourself

I’m a wbff pro fitness model and am competing at the WBFF Worlds in August where the best pro fitness models in the  world will battle it out to find out the top rankings. WBFF stands for World Beuty Fitness & Fashion so there is a suit round to show your sense of style and a swimwear round to show your physique.

I have competed and won 8 titles in fitness & physique . Previously  I have also competed in thaiboxing and powerlifting and have used nutrition to do well in all of them.

My full time job is an Online Coach. I coach anyone from bodybuilding and bikini competitors who want to get on stage, powerlifters, crossfitters to normal people who just want to live a healthier lifestyle.

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How my readers have a body as you?

Well I workout 5 or 6 times per week and when I’m getting ready for a show I have to do cardio in the mornings too. Which can be anything from a walk to sprints. That said I maintain a good physique year around and for the photo in the woods I was just training and eating normally. The key is food. Lots of people train really hard but the food lets them down. With weights you can do 80% of the work and get 80% of the results. But with diet if you eat right 80% of the time the extra food you eat the other 20% of the time will take you into a calorie surplus and you wont have the body you want.

Whats your fitness plan?

I vary my training plan depending on my goals. It will be anything from strength and power phases focusing on compound lifts like Deadlifts and squats and trying to get stronger. To a phase where I do volume based training (optimised GVT) to progressive overload bodybuilding training. By changing my training plan to fit my goals I never get bored of training & I continue to make progress. It has to be tied in with the corrrect meal plan as a bulking training plan with the wrong macros (volumes of food groups) will mean you don’t make progress.

Whats your diet plan?

I eat lots of whole foods rather than processed foods. I eat every kind of meat and fish. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, oats rice and lots of veg in a wide variety. It could sound boring but I love cooking and playing around with seasonings to get different flavours and textures out of the same sorts of foods. Now I’m sponsored by Go Fuel Meals so it’s really easy to eat healthy nutritious foods.

Style is what for you?

I think it’s about clothes which suit you as a person. Clothes should fit well and be made of good fabrics. It’s more important than the latest trends that come and go.

Which supplements do you use?

I’m also sponsored by My Protein so I top up with things like protein powders to hit my daily protein goals. Carb powders intra workout to help with performance & recovery. I also have omega 369, multi vitamins and a pre workout to give me some fire in the gym.

Whats your future projects?

My priority in sport is the WBFF Worlds in August so I am just starting prep for that. I’m fairly lean already though so it will be a gentle cruise in. My focus really is my online coaching business though. My clients always come first and I get as much pleasure from seeing them win as I do my own victories. I may do a little more fashion modeling too as I get a fair few offers.

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