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Zak Brooklynn: My Diet Plan Changes Depending on My Goals

Tell me about yourself

I’m 35 years old. I live in Toronto, Canada. I’m a nightclub owner by date and a fitness and nutrition coach by day… best of both worlds! Im a sponsored athlete by BOSS Supplements. I’m also a huge fan of fashion! Love clothes, LOVE shoes and just absolutely love to shop! I’m engaged to the love of my life, no kids, but a cat named Brooklynn! Fitness is my absolute passion in life. I was a rough kid growing up and got myself into quite a bit of trouble. I was extremely unhealthy – slowing just killing myself essentially. I woke up one day and made a promise to myself to change for the better, be better, braver, and more kind to people. From there my life blossomed into something incredible and I’m very thankful for having had that opportunity to make the decision to change my ways. Life is great!

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How you get that body shape?

Fitness is my life. I train everyday. I set different fitness goals for myself and push and push until I reach them and then I set new goals. I’m relentless and I never take no for a answer. I don’t quit and I listen and learn.

Whats your diet plan?

My diet plan changes depending on my goals. If I’m trying to put on size my caloric intake increases. If I’m cutting it decreases. I change the amount of carbs and fats mainly and protein always stays about the same. Everyone is different and it really takes time to learn about your body and what works. For me a high fat, high protein and low carb gets me best results.

Whats your fitness plan?

Off season from competing I mostly train each body part once a week, legs twice. Minimal cardio too. When I’m cutting and getting ready for a competition I train everything twice, some things even 3 times. Cardio everyday… sometimes I get up to 2 hours a day. It’s exhausting but necessary. Every time I compete I push myself to a new level. It’s one of the hardest things mentally I’ve ever put myself through.

How my readers get body as you?

I’ve been working on my physique for quite sometime. It takes a lot of passion and drive. You need to be extremely diligent and consistent. I would recommend people getting a coach that know what they’re doing. All the best athletes in the world have coaches, why shouldn’t we? It’s important to love what you’re doing, otherwise it makes the task at hand seem impossible. You need to trust the process because it takes time and it takes you being consistent.

Whats your future projects?

I’m working on getting my Pro Card as a pro physique competitor at the moment. Very focused on that. And then I’d like to really push my online coaching business and travel the world and help people through fitness and nutrition.

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