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Marko Brkic: Fashion, Photography & Design

Tell me about yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Marco. I’m 26 years old graphic designer born in Bosnia but currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. When asked what am I passionate about it’s easy to answer. 3 simple things. Fashion, photography and design.
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How you decided to start blogging?

Actually I never really decided to start blogging. It just happened. When I realized that people like what I post I decided to give it a try to make it serious.

Tell me about your success story

Just like blogging, it all happened spontaneous. I give my best when taking a picture of myself, from deciding what to wear to being careful about the background and lightning.
The graphic designer in me wakes up when it’s time to turn an ordinary photo in something worth checking. And I guess it works cause people like it.

Style is what for you?

Something that can define who you are. What kind of people you attract. It’s your personal billboard sign that speaks before your voice.

What are your future projects?

I want to make my instagram account more ”out there”, evolve in fashion and life. If some new projects pop up I’ll gladly accept them.  In the end I want to thanks Guide of Men’s Style for this opportunity!

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