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Interview with Mario Orellana

Tell me about yourself

I am a boy of 26 years, passionate about fashion and sport. I have a healthy life that I combine with my studies, my work and the world of fashion.
I am a Spanish boy with the illusion of being able to live in the fashion, being able to work for big brands and to despatch for designers of the name.
My day to day goes by in the gym, it’s my job. When I have free time I love going out to buy clothes, having something with my friends and enjoying traveling.
I hope someday fashion will allow me to live and travel all over the world.

Tell me about your success story

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the contest of Mister International Spain. The most prestigious beauty contest in Spain in which it wins the prize for the best body.
Now I’m waiting for model work to start.

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How you keep you body fit?

My body I keep in shape following a strict diet, and a good workout. All agreed with my work. I work in a gym where I do classes in addition to training peronsales.
I love sports and whenever I have free time I practice it. Thanks to my active life I keep my body in shape.
I follow the three basic pillars, to train well, to eat healthy and to rest.

Whats your advices for new models?

A new model would tell you that you have to keep your being. Do not change, be authentic and at the time of posing or parading has to have a very marked personality. Both the body (physical, face, skin, nails, hair, …) should be cured as well as mentally. Model life is not as easy as it seems.
It’s a world that we are passionate about, it’s the best thing you can do.

Whats your future projects?

My next project is to be able to travel outside of Spain to dedicate myself to fashion. To be able to grow in this world, to meet new people, to work for the big ones, to travel and to enjoy what I like the most.
I want to look for some agency from outside Spain.

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