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Vassilis Oikonomou: Style is The Combination of How You Feel

Tell me about yourself

I am a 26 years old guy who loves travelling around the world!i have studied physics in university of patras which is an amazing city two hours far away from athens!i was working two years in a private school as a teacher but finally i discoverd that all i want to do this time of my life is to travel as an international model…so thats my story and my adventures just started!

How you start modeling?

i was around 22 when i went like a guest in fashion week in greece! in this fashion show i met lot of interesting people and some of them they owned really strong agencies!they encourage me to become a model and guess what?! i did some interviews with some agencies and here i am …3 years travelling as a happy for that!

how you describe your success? [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]

well success i think that you have when you having balance to the most of the parts of your life! in your personal life,in your job,in your relationship and your contact with other people…if you wanna be successful make it happen! improve yourself everyday work for it and you are halfway there!

Style is what for you?

style is very important for me but with style i dont mean only fashion clothes or stuff like this! style is the combination of fashion and how you feel wearing your clothes!style is much more about your energy and how you feel comfortable beautiful and full of confidence ! style is the way you move,the way you talk the way you flert the way look …style is the harmony between yor body and your mind

How my readers get body as you?

for a good body you need a combination of discipline,lots of hours in the gym and for sure eat properly like an athlete!your mind always should be stronf to handle your bad days

Whats your future projects?

iwant to visit as many places as i can,meet new people new cultures fall in love  ,work a lot ,do campaigns and become a better person!america is one of my dreams!i wanna live  there and spend part of my life.


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