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Bilgihan Yılmaz “If You Believe Yourself & Train Hard For it You Can Be a Model”

Tell me about yourself

My name is Bilgihan. I am 17 years old. I have been modeling for two years. I am interesting with volleyball and fitness. I was playing football before that. But i am only interested with modeling for a long time.

How you decide to start modelling?

My friends told me that “[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup].” Thats why I started.

Style is what for you?

For me style is everything because its how we show our mood.

How you keep your body fit?

I have been intersting with sports since my childhood and I care what I eat.

Whats your diet plan?

My diet plan is to take 40% carbonhydrate and 60% protein per a day.

Whats your future projects?

I am student for a now so I have to graduate from my school after that I will do modeling again.

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Photos: Ayhan Günay Photography

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