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Interview With Makeup Blogger Victoria Rachel

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Tell me about yourself

Hi I’m victoria am 28 and from Ireland. Am a qualifed makeup artist and a instagram blogger
am addicted to make-up and beauty i love buying new makeup and showing and reviewing it on instagram so my followers know if its worth buying. another thing i love is jewellery and fashion but my bank balance doesnt love it to much lol.  my followers mean alot to me am a very passionate person and always want to show how grateful i am for my success they are not just my followers thers my instagram family.

How you decide to start?

I have always loved looking at social media bloggers and have always thought that it was amazing
and i always wanted to be a social media blogger but nerves and lack of confidence stopped me persuing it
for a long time.but one day i seen one of my favouite plus size beauty blogger saying that we shouldnt be afraid to try
new things weither u suceed or fail it doesnt matter because you have done it. so i decided then not to be afraid that I was plus size or not as beautiful of other bloggers and start my page and i never expected for it to succeed like it has  so i owe everything to the lovely women who gave me the push and confidence i needed.

How you become a famous blogger?

I got my followers by working hard and being determined i posted every day and slowely my followers where getting more  and more i never thought i would get to 60k followers within 6 months. i get to work with amazing companies and share all my favourite things and my passion to people. when i look where i have came from i was the quite shy girl from ireland to  being a confident hardworking business women i feel like i can do anything i put my mind to. if i could tell anyone wanting to start something but dont think there good enough or it wont be sucessful to do it dont let your inner thoughts stop you from pursuing your dreams you are good enough and you deserve to be happy doing something you love dont give up because hardwork turly does pay off.

Give us some makeup tips for summer

Some summwer make up tip i can give you are for the most authentic sun kiss look apply bronzer where sunlight
naturally hits – the center of your forehead, your cheekbones and chin. a summer eyetrick i can tell you is when the temperatures rise consider using cream blush as an eyeshadow the  warmest season is all about bright colors, so a coral, rose or pink shade looks fresh on eyes the key though is  to keep it light one coat blended with your fingers should do it as sweat can lead to creasing. a summer lip trick is if your skin has ruddy undertones or geths extra blotchy and flushed in the heat, consider
skipping bold red lip colors. the red pigmet will end up emphasizing your skins redness. stick to soft pinks
a otnd nudes instead. a summer foundation trick is foundation can reduce redness caused by sunburn choose a golden shade with warm undertones to turn the burn into a glow. just dont choose a hue lighter than your naturally skin tone or the overall effect will look ghostly. summer blush trick is powderblush doesnt handle sweat well when the weather heats up, choose a cream blush or liquid cheek stain instead.

Which brands good for makeup?

my favourite makeup brands at the minute are kylie jenner cosmetics, benifit,urban decay, bare minerals and maxfactor.

How the womens clean their face?

Some face cleaning tips i can give you are to control oil and shine splash your face with cool black tea but do not
rinse:its a natural astringent.
to refresh your complexion dip a washcloth in soy milk and resting it on your face for 10 minutes once a week.
soy is a skin brightner and contains phytoestrogen , a plant derived estrogen id thought to help prevent wrinkles.

Traitional cleansers may not get your skin 100 percent clean if you wear full-coverage makeup or spf45 or higher sunscreen instead try a cleansing oil. massage it over dryskin to dissolve hard to remove products. then use a regular cleanser to  wash your face. finally if you have dry skin that is flaky consider changing your routine and washing your face dandruff shampoo instead of your regukar cleanser once a month this reduces the yeast levels that cause scaly skin.

Do you have any secret?

A few secrcts i can tell your are to remove longwearing lipstick bt dipping a cotton swab in oil based eye-makeup remover and rubbing it over your lips. if the color is still stuck try the same trick using a baby toothbrush. to keep liquid foundation from fading mix it with a drop of sweatfproof sunblock, then smooth it on. it will last all night even if  your dancing up a storm.

after applying foundation add a little blush. dust your face with translucent powder then mist skin with a rosewater spray and  lay a kleenex over your face for a second will make your face seem flawless in a way that looks like you arnt wearing make-up.

if you are worried about wrinkles mix conealer with a dab of eyecream so it wont settle into the lines.

do you need a long-lasting blush in a pinch? just rub your finger over a long-wearing lipstick three or four times,
then with a clean finger, take a swipe of your moisturizer. mix the two together then dot on cheeks and blend.

and finally do you have messy, cracked eyeshadow well putting it in a makeup palette and crushing it and adding a dab of vaseline or eye cream
untill you have the right consistency. voila! cream shawdow no more throwing out your broken eyeshadow.

Whats your future projects?

My future plans are to keep doing what im doing working hard and being sucessfull i would like to keep working with amazing  companies and brands and keep having my instagram family grow more and more.i want to be a postive role model and i want to make  a differnce in this world and make people feel confident and happy just the way they are. i would love to make my own make up brand and have people wearing my make-up products. i will contuine to be grateful for every oppuritiny i have and get because without all of my supporters i would not be doing this interview at all so i thank everyone for thinking i worth following and just liking me for me  loads of love to all of you and remeber you can do anything you put your mind to dont let negitivity bring you down and you are perfect just the way you are.

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