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Gün Akıncı: Calm, Rational & Emotional

A man from Istanbul. ITU geologist. A naturalist who enjoys freediving and sharing fish with loved ones. Former basketball player and coach. Model and actor. I can not make the subjective definition of fashion as the choice of the clothes I wear while I go out. If we are talking about clothing fashion; fashion is the shop window created by the textile industry. Although the fashion term seems to be an individual creation area, the fashion sector is a “ruthless” sector with 60 million employees worldwide and a market volume of about $ 3 trillion. I am not someone who dresses stylish or trendy. I have a style that I have created for years. I can basically describe it as simple, functional and comfortable.

What are your difference between other models and actors?

Generally, those who start an actor career leave their model career. I think doing both till I die will make me a little bit apart. For me, modeling and acting started at the same time at the age of 26. Young people who want to stand out among the models should read a lot and research a lot. Because, although not in Turkey, model choices in the world are made with a sapiosexual approach. I say sexual because it is not confessed by the people of the sector but all the choices in the fashion and television sector are done with a sexual approach 🙂

How is your life style?

I am a calm person. Some of the times I get childish and I’m too energetic, of course. But mostly I try to enjoy the moment. I have to confess that I’m having a hard time living in the city. If it possible i prefer to escape to the sea. Traveling with my dog and my friends, experiencing new tastes and smells, I think it sums up my lifestyle briefly.

Whats your fitness and diet plan?

I do not consume almost any product that has been produced industrially for about 5 years. I have recently taken out carbohydrates, gluten, sugar from my life. I’m on a diet consisting of protein, lipid and vegetables. I always do exercise with body weight. I have observed many times in many people that growing muscle mass has caused dissatisfaction or even psychological problems. It is not necessary to lift and lower the weights for hours in the gym to get an ideal proportion. If you can run for 60 minutes without interruption and if you can pull-up yourself 20 times, your breast and your back and your shoulders are as strong and bulky as they are.

Do you have any advices for our readers about style?

I am not an author to give advice 🙂 I think that you should dress appropriately for your body type. Of course, aesthetic perception must be developed to be able to decide on this. I recommend you to try to reduce being affected by your social environment and look at yourself from an objective perspective.  Character of a person can be understood by looking him/her style. I suggest that you observe the difference between a peacock who likes to show and a person who has a high self-confidence.

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What kind of person are you in your private life?

Calm, rational, emotional.

What are your future projects?

I dream of being a movie actor. I hope to take part in a project in the summer of 2017. For 2018, my plan is to continue acting and modeling, enjoying the work I do. The plans we made would be isolated from the belligerent world? It is hard to predict.

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