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Michael Bruch: Kleider Machen Leute (Clothes You Wear Define Who You Are)

Tell me about yourself

I’ve been born in Russia in 1988 and moved to Germany with my mother when I was 12. In 2010 I decided to study acting and finished acting school in 2014. So far i’ve starred in 3 movies and some german TV shows and series. I also started modeling in 2010. In September 2016 I started fashion-blogging on Instagram. When I hit 3k followers the first brands started to ask if I wanted to feature their products on Instagram, which motivated me to go on with my posts, because I thought it wasn’t too common to get those collaborations with 3k followers. What I like about Instagram blogging is that I can present men’s style completely from my point of view and let my creativity flow without anyone else who’s telling me what to do.

Style is what for you?

In Germany we have a saying „Kleider machen Leute“, which means that the clothes you wear „define” who you are ;). It’s nice to see well groomed and stylish people and I think it’s exciting to watch how in fashion history everything kind of repeats itself.

How you become a successful fashion blogger?

I didn’t use Instagram for a long time because I didn’t know what kind of posts would be interesting for my followers. Until I found one thing (men’s style) that really got myself interested and was fun. So my advice would be to just do something that’s fun for you and focus on one topic. Also try to deliver good content and keep your feed in style. The rest will come automatically over time.

How you keep your body fit?

At the moment I am mostly working out in the Gym. I go there about 4 or 5 times a week. But more important to me is good nutrition.

How my followers get beach body quickly?

There is no „magical pill“ you can take to get your body fit quickly. You have to work hard for it and keep a balanced nutrition. Remember: Training 30% Nutrition 70% 😉

Whats your future projects?

I’ve recently received some new requests by cool brands (Adidas, Porsche Design etc.) and will feature them on Instagram. I’m also gonna star in a german movie and series in the near future. And there are some upcoming modeling jobs too.

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