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Alihan Çavuşoğlu: My Diet Is So Romantic

1-Tell me about yourself

It’s me Alihan , I was born in Istanbul 19 years ago . I’m typically Aries Men. It can explain me easily. I’m interested in design so I’m studying Design .

2-Why you want to be famous model ?

 I want to be famous since my childhood also my dreams was diffrent from other children . Actually I want to reach other people from other countries so I want to be famous model.

3- Style is what for you ?

 Style is changing day by day . I think style is colourfull things . I don’t like pastel colors for clothing also I can’t prefer usual clothes . I always chose diffrent clothes at shopping . Howawer , We can say that I’m diffrent.

4- What is your diet plan ?

My diet is so romantic. I dont eat or drink anything after sunset expect drink water because I have to drink 2,5~3Lt water in a day . I trying to drink nothhing which is acid . I prefer only Filter coffee at Starbucks . In addition to this , I avoid eating desserts and Fast-Food . I eat Yogurt every day . The most important thing is Breakfast for me . Breakfast should be full of vegetables .

5-How you keep your hair fresh?

Hair can be the most important thing in my life . Too many people know me as a straight hair but My hair is curly . It will be so frizzy and coarse unless I have Keratine Treatment done . I spend majority of my money for my hair …

6- What are your future plans ?

My future plan is being well-know designer at Milano . I want create things which everone’s liked . I want to selling my products on many countries…

Photos: Ayhan Günay Photography

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