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Serkan İlhan: Skinny Jeans & Sleeveless Tshirtses are My Favorites

Tell me about yourself

My name is Serkan Ilhan. I was born istanbul. I’m 21 years old. I’m a model and also working as a fitness personal trainer.  I graduated from tourism of universty. I like to travel. My favorite sport is swim.

Style is what for you?

Style is the first thing to give a hint when you see someone to think about her/him.

How you.keep your body fit?

For me the first thing is conscious nutrition and disciplined workouts. I go 6 days to gym in one week.

 Give us some style tip for summer

I usually prefer to wear light colors for summer. Skinny jeans and sleeveless tshirtses are my favorites with the sneakers.

Whats your diet plan?

I’m eating 10 egg white in the morning, 200 grams rice, 1kg chicken breast and green salad 5 times in one day.

Whats your future projects?

I want to be a recognized model. Also I want to continue my acting education and become a good actor in the commercial, tv and cinema sectors. Because there are dreams to come true!

Photos: Ayhan Günay Photography

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