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Karlo Grados: As a vegan coach I help people to get in shape

About my self

I’m a style advicer, veganfood coach and fitness model. I live in Stuttgart. Modeling was a part time job and I started when I was 14. I never look for it and is not my priority. I studied at the University of Heidelberg and got a Magister degree in Political Science and Romanic Philology. I studied also History of Arts in Paris for one year. Fashion was my whole life really important. In every single stage of my life had fashion an important part because it helps me to feel good. I’m convinced that fashion is the way to show the world who you are. And I have many facettes so I show all of them. I speak german, Spanish, English, French and some Slovak and Portuguese. I always had my own style. My hobbies are of course fashion, vegan nutrition, books, philosophy, politics, sports, Movies. I like to meet new people, go to parties with friends, just to enjoy the life. I don’t take life too serious and never feel stress.

When did you become a blogger?

For my work is important to be present in the social media. So I began with my style blog and then the rest went automatically. I’m just real. I post what I like and about what I do. I like to share in social media part of my life and of my work. I like to motivate people. I’l always give my best and hope my followers get motivated seeing me. People are so nice to me and write me so many mails and messages with positives compliments and questions, what I really like.

How do you describe your style?

How is my style? I would say, I take the classical mens style and do my own interpretation of it, what means I give the classic style a modern touch. I combine modern colors and also try modern cuts. I think it is really important to have respect for tradition. I wear the middle european tradition, such british, italian, french and present them in a modern stylish way. It’s about the fabrics, the cuts, the size. I feel great wearing a classical British tweed with a modern cut. It looks just amazing. Of course an important part is the own personality, how you present clothes. The key word is self confidence. I like it sometimes casual, sometimes elegant, it depends not only of the occasion but also how I feel.

„Go out of the house as you would meet your worse enemy“ is a saying I like.

How did you get that body?

Actually it was more a surprise. I didn’t worked out to get muscles. I just did a lot of sport because it’s fun. So muscles were a nicely side effect.

I begun with sports when I was 7 years old. I visited many summer courses at the same time and learned to play volleyball, basketball, tennis. Later I did gymnastic and athletics sport. so my love for sport started really early. So, with that sport pensum is normal to get muscles when you are young. Then you have to lern to take care of your self.

what is your fitness plan?

I do fitness 3 times per week y jogging ones a week. Sometimes normal jogging around 60-70 minutes and sometimes HIIT for 40 minutes. I’m always doing some sport, either volleyball, Inline skating, golf, snowboarding, etc. In summer I definitely love to play beach volleyball. So you won’t find me in Germany in summer 😀

How is you diet? Do you take supplements?

Now I eat 85% vegan and 15% vegetarian and try to have a healthy way of life. Of course I have sometimes a cheat day but not that offen. I don’t do dieting. I just try to eat clean the most of the time. I cook my sixpack in the kitchen. I get all my body needs from the normal food. I don’t really take supplements at all. Maybe rarely some protein shake but I’m convinced that this is not necessary to stay in shape. It’s all about the balance of the nutrition. I don’t drink so much alcohol.

As a vegan coach I help people to get in shape. Either to get muscles or to lose weight. For both is nutrition the most important part. Many people go to me, because they don’t understand, that they work hard in the gym but don’t get a six pack. When they understand the importance of nutrition everything changes and they are happy.

What are your future projects?

Right now I enjoy helping men to optimize their styles. This is a cool job because I meet so many different people. In the future I want to bring out my own Mens Fashion Collection. I hope to find in the next time some investors for my collection. I care about the environment and want to develope also my vegancoaching site to reach more people and help them to get in shape.

Continuing enjoying the life, because only this way you can keep motivated.

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