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Patrick Madany: Sports, Nutrition and Enough Sleep is Essential For Good Body

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: I am 28 years old living in the most beautiful city of Germany – Munich – and work as model and personal trainer.

Q: How you keep your body fit?

A: The ideal combination of sports, nutrition and enough sleep is essential to get the most out of your body.

Q: Training plan?

A: I train three times a week with a strong focus on shaping and general body fitness and not on pump and massive gain. Once a week I do the core training and upper body parts, on the other I do legs. On top, I do once a week Zumba on an advanced level which consists of a combination of Latin rhythmic and some Hiphop moves, this is my cardio session.

Q: What’s your diet plan?

A: The nutrition is the basis for sustaining my shape and a healthier lifestyle. My morning starts always a bit various. It contains for example Greek joghurt with nuts and a small portion of honey on top, one fruit like banana, apple or kiwi. One full grain bread with ham and two scrambled eggs. My guests can enjoy the famous and healthy selfmade Madany waffles 😉 My lunch can be a nice pasta dish with Gambas cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. In the evening I keep it low in calories with a nice salad containing different seasonal vegetables.

Q: How you keep your face fresh?

A: I have nice Vichy products for my skin care to not let my skin dry out. Enough sleep is also important as well as to drink enough water or other (or course healthy) drinks.

Q: Which supplements do you use?

A: I don’t use any because my balanced nutrition is enough for my goals.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: This year goes quite well with modelling. But the highlight will be the launch of my own agency, in first instance a people agency also for DJs and singers, but sustainably it’s gonna be just one model agency.


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