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Interview with Davut Francisco Yildirim

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: My name is Davut Francisco Yildirim. I live in Norway and I am 21 years old. I am a fashion enthusiast who tries to take this to a new level. In general, I’m really a hypebeast from Norway. There are not so many of us here but most people know each other. I run instagram that took off for a short period of time because looks like there are many that show interest in the style I show everyone who follows me.

Q: Style is what for you?

A: The style for me is to feel myself. Do not be afraid of what people should say about you or whether everyone should look at you when you step out of the door. Style to me is being yourself without any apologies or expectations. This shows that you stand out by all people. You will find your own way to build and mix different ideas, after that you will get a decision that will bring good results. What makes me inspired by others is to see two different people run two crative styles that they have found themselves and mix them together and find your way.

Q: Give me some style tips to summer

A: Summer style 2017 will consist of ankle chino or jeans. With a completely white t-shirt with a famous brand, like CDG (comme des garcons), hilfiger, lee, supreme, etc. Get 10% OFF10%OFF Get 10% OFF Get 10% OFF

Lightly dressed clothes that show tattoos. Ripped jeans or shorts and pink or beige long t-shirt.

Vans old school in black color or nmd R1 with the color that fits the clothes

Q: How you describe your style?

A: I describe my style as a hypebeast mixed with streetstyle. Trying to combine a different kind of other hypebeast people with something that can show that there is also streetstyle inside my style. Not only show brands but focus more on my style. I feel like a creative person so I allow creativity to take over my head.

Q: whats your future project?

A: Did not expect it to take off completely. But I’ll take it as it comes and let the time show me what’s going to happen. But style has been my thing since I was 14 years old. But focuses first on educating me as an economist. But now that is ok with my Instagram account, I’m open to opportunities.

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