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Adrian Hollinger;”Keeping a life balance is challenging”

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: Hello! My name is Adrian Hollinger. I’m a graphic designer, photographer, model and fashion enthusiast/blogger. I’m originally from Alabama and now I reside in Dallas, TX. I’ve also lived in California for a year. It’s been a little over 2 years now since I started blogging and It’s been a liberating experience. We all know the corporate world can be a stifling experience for creatives sometimes, so it’s nice to be free and do my thing without and feedback or approval from anyone. I’m a street photographer as well, so I enjoy being able to document and share life experiences in a beautiful and interesting way.

Q: Style is what for you?

A: Style to me is being yourself without any apologies or expectations. It’s self-expression without having to explain it to anyone. The amazing thing about it is there are so many different interpretations of style. I love being able to walk around downtown and see so many interesting people and what they’re wearing.

Q: How keep your life balance?

A: Keeping a life balance is challenging! Especially when you work full time and have a lot of passions. What works for me is keeping a working schedule. I simply just use the calendar app on my phone and schedule accordingly. I try not to spend a good majority of time on trivial things. I also try not to procrastinate! I know it’s hard in the world we live in, but you can get a lot done when you’re steadfast in your work. That being said, It’s important to have a life. I’ve been traveling more lately and it enriches my soul. I’d much rather be doing that than the bar and club scenes that all my friends are into.

Q: Give us some style tips for summer

A: I generally stick with the basics in the summer with a couple of patterns here and there. I adore lightweight cotton shirts simply because they’re easy and let the skin breathe. I usually don’t wear a ton of color, but Summer is the time to wear it. Grooming and taking care of yourself is most ideal for me in the summer. Oh, and wearing sunscreen is probably the best tip I can give you honestly. I know we hear it again and again, but it’s important.

Q: Whats your future projects?

A: I just finished working with Coach for their Spring 2017 collection and it was such an amazing experience. I’m also thrilled to start a couple of projects with Urban Outfitters and Timex and few others. All in all, I’m just taking the year as it comes. I’m excited to see what’s next!

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