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Nanuk Karch; “Hairstyle should be always on point”

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: Right now I´m modeling full time. I love the sun and warm weather, that´s why i definitely need to move one day. Maybe Miami or San Diego. Does someone have a room for me ? 😛

Q: How you keep your body fit?

A: I love doing sports a lot.  Running, going to the gym, playing soccer or tennis. It´s kind of a drug for me to feel happy.  I really need it!!! Therefore it´s not that hard for me to motivate myself for keeping my body fit 😉

Q: Give me some grooming tips

A: Hairstyle should be always on point.
I never leave the house without lip balm, ´cause I hate dry lips.
Dress yourself classy. Less is more.
Be self confident and stand up straight !

Q: How you keep your life balance?

A: The main thing to keep my life balance is to have enough energy and feel good about myself.
For me it means to eat healthy, to do sport, don’t smoke and don´t drink too much alcohol.
But don´t think about it too much.
I go out for drinks or burgers and fries for sure.
It´s all about the right balance.

Q: What´s your future projects?

A: For sure i have projects planned for the future.
For now I will stay in Berlin and do jobs over here in Germany.
One big thing is that I want to learn more about acting.
So on I´m very spontaneous in relation to my future. If something works for me and I like the idea or the project, I go for it.

Guide of Men´s Style, thank you so much for this interview.
For the chance to share my thoughts and tips with others, I´m very thankful.

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