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Wajahat Malik; “Wear something that makes you feel comfortable”

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: My name is Wajahat, recently got my degree in Human Resources. So I work full time in HR Department and then photography is my hobby. Also, I am liberative live fun enjoy being active and embracing life to it’s fullest by doing what keeps my happy.

Q: Style is what for you?

A: Style is everything to me, it allows me to express myself by making bold first impressions, seeing that its common to be judged off of appearance alone.

Q: Whats your style advice to my readers?

A: Wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

Q: How you keep your life balance?

A: Healthy diet, staying up to date with the modern day trends and keeping an open mind.

Q: Whats your future projects?

A: I’m working on my blog, soon it’s gonna be out. Also, I am opening a online store for custom made leather jackets ( by the end of this year).

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