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Famous Fitness Model Patrick Toechterle

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: I’m a 21 years old italian guy. I can speak italian, german, english and french. My dream is to become a famous fitness model and i want to inspire people to become their best not only meant like a good physique but also in their life. Having a great and healthy body is as important as having a good deal with people. So i want to reach everyone out there and rise them up bringing out their best. I’m working out since 4 years. The first year i had to lose weight after that i decided to gain muscles and that day I’ve also understood a lot of things which has brought me where I’m now. I think that the most important thing in life is to give back this is why I’m trying to help others whit the experience I’ve matured since now.

Q: Howyou became a famous blogger?

A: Honestly i don’t know for sure how. What i know is that i put passion in my posts, I’m active and i try to establish a great relationship with my followers. I try to motivate them and to transmit them my positive energy and it seems to be appreciate.

Q: How you decided to gain muscles?

A: I decided to gain muscles because i love to go to the gym. But it’s not only this. The reason is that when you feel good with your body you feel also more self confident and this is really priceless. I have also a goal and to reach that goal an awesome shape is one of the most important things. Building muscles brought me also to be a landmark for many and i like to see how people are looking at me and take inspiration, this helps me to give struggle even more to become my best version.

Q: Whats your diet plan to lose weight?

A: Well there’s not a plan which works for everyone. We all are different so every single person requires a specific diet plan. However there are some advices that i can give you:
-Never skip breakfast
-drink at least 2 liter of water a day
-split out your daily amount of calories in 6/7 meals a day
-if you want to lose weight you need to have an amount of calories which is less than your normal daily amount  (basic metabolism)
-when cooking don’t use any kind of seasonings but add them uncooked.

Q: How my readers get body as you?

A: To have a great body means to be costant and put dedication in what you do. You need a good workout and meal plan which is focused on your body goals. Constancy and patience are the most important things. It take time to get a good shape but there’s no better feelings than reaching your best form.

Q: Whats your future projects?

A: Finishing my university studies. Become a famous blogger and fitness model and one day one of the best coaches on the earth. I also will leave italy and i’ll go to live abroad.

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