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Marco Colica: Keep Metabolism High to Burn More Calories

1. Tell me about yourself

Hi i’m Marco Colica, i’m 26 years old and i live in Pavia but my heart and my home are in Reggio Calabria. I almost finished studies to be an engineer, i love to do sports like soccer, tennis, snowboarding. I really love nature, every week-end i enjoy to travel, exploring new places and camping. My dream is to travel the world in a van and why not, work as a model.

2. When start to doing fitness?

I start to doing fitness when i was 22 y.o. and i can’t stop training!
Usually i hit the gym 4 times a week:
Monday — chest and biceps / abs
Tuesday — back and triceps
Wednesday — legs / abs
Friday — shoulders / abs
My workout change according to diet.
You can ask me tips i will enjoy to help you!

3.How my readers get abs in 2 month?

It is not difficult to get abs. Someone is more luckier than other, but everyone have to follow a strict diet. It’s 70% diet, 30 % hit weights and doing cardio. Just train constantly and keep your mind focused on your goals. Pain is temporary, than your sacrifices will be rewarded.

4.What’s your diet plan?

On training days i take 7/8  meals . It is important to keep metabolism high to burn more calories and having energies to workout.
Breakfast : carbs, protein,fats
Lunch: 200 gr pasta , 300 gr ( meat/fish/chicken)
Dinner: 250 gr ( meat/fish/chicken), vegetables
These are the main meals.
After workout i usually eat rise and chicken

5.What is your future project?

One day i hope to work as a fitness model and help people to make their dreams a reality.
For now i keep training and finishing studies…

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