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Ramon Alba: Always Be Unique

1. Tell my about yourself

My name is Ramon Alba and I am a model in Spain, I have always been passionate about the fashion world and keep fit, so I made the decision to fulfill my dream and create my instagram account, in it I started to publish photos with my outfit Of every day and little by little I realized that I could offer much more of myself and help my followers to get the best of them, to this day I am very happy of what I have achieved and will continue working to be an influence in the world of fashion.

2. Style is what for you?

For me, style is the way to express your personality, no matter how old you are or if you have a good body or not, the style is created by being yourself and knowing how to get the best out of it, you can look for inspiration in other people but you must always be Unique and not try to be something that you are not, look for a style with which you feel identified and get the best of you.

3. Give me some style advices?

As I said before the style goes in the personality of each person, to create your own style the first thing is to be happy with yourself and do not care what others think, you can always look for inspiration in people with whom you feel Identified, but do not forget to always be yourself and always give your personal touch, that’s style.

4. How you decided to be fashion blogger?

After starting in the fashion world, I thought I could share my way of life with other people and help you look for inspiration with my outfit and my style, so I create my blog in instagram where I publish my photos with different Styles and outfit with the latest trends.

5. How you keep your body fit?

I really have a very healthy lifestyle, I exercise and diet to keep fit for my photo sessions, I go jogging every morning and I train for an hour every day in the gym.

6. Give me some grooming tips

To get ready and go always perfect for the occasion you must choose well the type of style that is more suitable for each moment, but not only is the clothes also you must take care of your hairstyle, I for example I change the hairstyle for every occasion as always You will wear a good look and always marking style.

7. What will yor next projects?

I have many projects in mind and I will start working on all of them, at this moment I am creating a new fashion blog in which my followers will be able to buy my outfit from my page and see what brand is each garment, I also want to start Work with videos of fashion and physical exercise, I have many projects and want to continue working and giving my best to get everything I set out, so if you like fashion, keep fit and modern man’s lifestyle , Accompany me on this trip and I will help you to get the best of you.


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