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Ufuk Deger: I Can Give Some Tips; For Bigger Muscles

1- Tell me about yourself

I am 28 years old and I am a fitness trainer. Beside from fitness, I am fool around with modeling. I have rewards in modeling not only Turkey-wide but also worldwide. But my professionality is in fitness training. I am an ambitious person and I cannot stand losing. I always try to do my best to get what I want.

2- How you start to interest fitness?

I was 18 years old when I was first involved with fitness. I was helping to other trainers who are much older than me to carry their stuff. Fitness was not much common back then and I was not one of these lucky people who have a chance to get better in fitness. So by helping them, I tried to learn as much as possible. I have been in this industry for 10 years and I have been playing football for 14 years, four years professionally.

3. Give me some exercise tips for getting big muscles

In fitness there are a lot of parameters that effect your success. I can give some tips; for bigger muscles, for example, you can do your circuits as 6-12 reps for 3-5 sets, between these sets you can use 40 seconds for rest or you can do supersets to get bigger muscle. But beside workouts, nutrition is also very crucial. After workouts, you should give your muscles what they want. You should get your proteins in maximum 30 minutes after your workout.

4- How my readers get ABS quickly?

For abs, the most important thing is what you eat. If you pay attention the amount of protein and carbs that you eat, you will reduce the amount of your body fats. In addition to these, with regular workout programs, you can get your abs. For bigger and sharp abs weight lifting is a must.

5- Which supplement you use?

I use Scivation –stebd bcca. It is fat free and ingredients are ideal for muscles. I used to take dymatize iso 100 but now I am using multipower whey and I also use hardline argenine.

6- Whats your advices for our readers?

Success is not such a thing that you can easily reach. You should work hard and never give up. This motto is a must for any kinds of sports. If you work out properly and do not give up, you will see the change of your body when you look at the mirror. And this is the most appreciated motivation.

7- Whats your next projects?

Every trainer has a dream of having his/her own gym. This is also my dream and my plan for future. As a trainer I know the inadequacies and the problems of today’s gyms. I want to be a solution of these problems and shortcomings by running my own sport complex.

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