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Damian Orgun: Fashion Is Like “Me Too”, But Style States: “This is Me”

1- Tell me about yourself

My name is Damian, I’m 24 years old and live in Munich, but currently I’m stationed in Istanbul with my modeling agency. Apart from that, I’m studying Organizational and Work Psychology.

2- How you start modelling?

I started my modeling career 6 months ago – and everything happened so fast. Before that I played football but suffered severe injuries, so I had to quit. With lots of leisure time, I had a friend of mine take some pictures of me – and then it all started like an avalanche. Suddenly I find myself in the best agency in Germany: Modelwerk.
And here I am now.

3- Style is what for you?

Style is your own invention. Fashion is like “me too”, but style states: “This is me.”

4- Give me some fitness tips

Eat healthy. Fitness is 80% kitchen and 20% workout. It shoudn’t be a short term diet. It should be a long term lifestyle change. Stay strong in your mind, and it will reward you with a strong body. Once you see results it becomes an addiction.

5- What’s your future projects?

I have many future projects. I wanna go to places where I’ve never been before. Travelling, Travelling, Travelling.
In May I will be in China for three months then I plan to go to Milano. The most important thing for me is to eventually attain my Master’s degree. You don’t know what is happening tomorrow and modeling is temporary. You don’t get younger. But I am thinking about taking acting lessons and then to come back to Istanbul one day.

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