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Ruzgar Parlaksoy: You Can Travel World With That Bussines


1- Tell me about yourself

Hello I’m Ruzgar Parlaksoy I’m 21 years old. I just finished my universty degree. I have been modelling about 3 years (on Professional).

2- How you decide to be model?

When I think my backround and how decide about be model I realise that I was always at the stage. At first Primary school I was a Swimmer at a Professional clup after that I gone to National Team. At the High school I was almost member of all sport team of school. When I came to universty everyone said to me “go be a model you can do it” than I started to resource to how to be It was the beggining of the story.

3- Give me some tips how to get ABS?

Firstly I can say it all abaout diet, metabolism and gym. Yea you have to do gym. But most important think is diet, what you eat all day. You gotta take carbo so low. And feed the muscle with protein.

4- How you keep your face fresh?

Actually I dont do special thinks. Wash your face everyday and You can apply per week the face masks. And also when you shaving after that always use cream for face.

5- Whats your diet plan?

Its not so complicated. When I wake up before breakfast I Run about 1 hour. And breakfast gotta be exculive carbo and more protein like eggs and oat. After that I go to gym after the gym I just take salads and protein. Thats all.

6- Give me some healthy life tips

Like I said if you re not a gym guy. Or if you have nt time for gym. My advice is running before breakfast each 2 days.

7- What are the advantages & disadvantages of model life?

There is a lot of advantage about modelling firstly If you like to everyone follows you turning around you. Thats the great job. Also you can travel World with that bussines. You can taste so much culture. And everyone has respect on you. But if you dont like that stuff and you re not enjoying tired life thats not for you. Beceuse models work really hard. For their bodys, faceses and at the job it can take so much times sometime. You gotta handle it and hold your face fresh and happy even you were tired.

8- Whats your advices for new models?

Care about your body and face also dont be an egoistic. Be kind to everyone be gentle. And enjoy the life 😀

9- Whats your future projects?

I took a degree in a model competition. I am the Kryolan beauty of Mr.And Miss. Night Out.Right now I planing to join Best Model of Turkey.After the Best Model maybe can be abroad Fashion weeks and other projcets.

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