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Spanish Model Mayo Sánchez


 1.Tell me about yourself

Hi, my name is mayo, I’m 20 years old and i’m from Spain. Since i was 17 years I’m working like model and the last year I’been preparing to become a personal trainer and currently i’m starting to study interpretation to can experiment like an actor some day.

I consider myself a very sociable and open person, I like making a new friends. Another one of my hobbies is fashion.I love clothes and style , specially trendsetting. You would think its obvius as being a model but it’s not as commun as you think.

2.Tell me about your style

I don’t have a specific style , It’s very alternative and I always pick my outfits depending on the ocasion. Althoug, I definatly consider my style to be more clasic and incorporate eye catching complements.

My passion and the item of clothing that I use and buy the most are trousers and jackets . I think that with a pair of unique trousers  you can make various looks that can be completly different.

3. How you starting?

I started in the fashion industry when I was 16 as a contestand in various fashion shows and It wasn’t until I turned 18 that i took parti n the national contest. It was then when i decided that i wanted to advance in this industry as a international model. I started my objetive as a model in India and Turkey and currently in Italy with lots of prejects ahead.

4.Give some tips to my readers how to get abs

I feel identified with all those who like to show off a beautiful physique and adore going to the gym and doing sports.I would like to give some advices reference my personal experience .I’m going to focus on abs, even though It’s not most important part It’s generates uncertaincy for me.

The first step to showing off Great abs is 20% trainig focusing on that parto f the body to create muscle and eliminating fat-

In second place , 70% is focusing on a strict diet depending on each body trying to find out what diet is best and being sincere with yourself.I avise lots of green vegetables and fruit if you are defining muscles.

In third place , I would advice 10% at cardio , not because is less important because you need to do it 3 o 4 times per week for 30 -40 min. With a cardio rythem at 80 pulses per minute.

Training and fitness go by genetics and each body is different but Ihope my advise hás come in useful.

5.What is your diet and fitness plan?

The highlight of my diet is to avoid what we call in Spain the 3 p’s :pan, patata, pasta(bread, potatoe , pasta) because I currently need to keep defined . Salt and sugar are prohibited as they harm our health. My current plan is working fullbody. I work my legs a lot doing good excersices like squads and dead weight then to finishe i do the cardio every other day.

6.whats your future projects?

My future projects after Italy is travelling to México where I ll be studying interpretation wich will be a completly new experience. Then I would like to travel to China, USA and work in my country ( Spain) also.

I hope you have enjoyed my experiences and can also help other readers in their lives with their future propositions and objetives. It would make me very proud. Thank you Guide of Mens Style for giving me this oportunity to Express some of my thoughts and feelings.

Regards , Mayo Sánchez.

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