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Interview With Jose Alejandro Gigato

1- Tell me about yourself

My name is Jose Gigato. Im 25 years old. I was born in Cuba but live in Miami, Florida. I love traveling, going to the beach, spending time with my friends and I have a passion for style and fashion. I recently found interest in photography. Im currently studying for my bachelors degree in Biology.

2- How keep your body fit?

The most important factor to keep my body fit is dieting. I used to be overweight and I made it a plan to get in shape. It took me months and it was hard work but it was totally worth it. I also like to work out, but Im more into group classes than into lifting weights. I think group classes are a great environment, you are surrounded by people with your same goals and it’s just more fun. But, still, if you work out and don’t diet, you will not see any results.

3- Tell me about your diet plan

Right now Im doing intermittent fasting. I spend 14 to 16 hours a day without eating and then in the remaining 8 to 10 hours I eat all I need. I use vegan proteins in all my shakes. I try to ingest my weight in grams of proteins. since Im trying to build lean muscle, I only eat the necessary carbohydrates and healthy fats like almonds, peanuts, olive oil. On key factor is meal prep: On the weekend I cook al my food for the week and save time, money and avoid eating out.

4- Style is what for you?

I’ve always have interest in fashion and style for mens. I always try to look as good as possible: not only regarding to clothing and shoes, but also grooming and appearance. I think looking good is not only good for you, but also an example of respect for others. That been said, trends are good, but they don’t always fit you, you need to find what’s you style and make it part of your identity. always remember that fashion is worn, but style is lived.

5- Whats your next projects?

Im currently working with a photographer to promote my style and Miami locations. Summer style is now one of my priorities.

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