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Patrick Vaccalluzzo: Style is Way To Express Myself

 1. Tell me about yourself

I’m Patrick Vaccalluzzo,a 24 years old college student from South Italy.
I’m the second one of two sons and i grew up in a really small city of 3.000 people.
I love fashion, art, photography and travel, and i always travelled around the world.
I started to work when i was 15 while studying, to help my family, to travel and buy my first camera.
From there i never stopped to cultivate my passions and trying to become what i want to be.

2. How you become a famous fashion blooger?

I just started to share my passions and the outfits i weared,
From the very beginning every post catched some new followers attention and i started to be reposted from fashion pages and now we’re here.

3. Style is what for you?

Style for me is a way to express myself and tell people who i am.
I look to style like an art form to wear and bring always with you.

4. Give me some style tips

One of the biggest tips i can give to you is to wear just what represents you.
Another helpful tip i heard from a very stylish man is to not add more than three different colours in a outfit.

5. What’s your future projects?

I’ve a lot of projects to be developed, but the closest and one the biggest is the borning of a my cloths brand.
I never talked about this project, so you’re the first!
Other projects are big collaborations i’m talking about with brands, but this will be announced in the next months.
Finger crossed!

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