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Michael Bauer: Do Something Every Day But Do It!

1. Tell me about yourself

Hey my Name is Michael Bauer im 26 years young 😉 and i life in Augsburg Germany.
After school i work as a Manager of Bath like Baywatch ;).
With 19 years i won a Model competition after i start modeling for fun.
With 23 i went to china for 3 months for modeling and after China i start as a full time Model and blogger.
2015 i win the competition for Mister south germany and in the final the Vize Mister Germany 2015.
My hobbys are everything with sports!!!;) Soccer, skiing, Basketball, Gym…. and i love traveling.

2. How You Become a Famous Blogger?

I start late with my blog so is was hard to get a lot of follower. But i work every Day hard to make great pictures for good posts.
you need the right time for the post and the right hashtags.
I blog with my heart i love it!

3. Give Me Some Fitness Tips

Do something every Day but do it!!!
Say to youre brain more more more and give all.
My workout is a 3 Day program. 1 Day is chest day with six pack training
2 Day is biceps and trizeps day and after six pack training
3 Day is back day and after six pack training
so you see every day is six pack day 😉 is a small muscle you can train it every day.
And every second day is also soccer Training.

4. Style is What For You?

Style is a imported thing for me !!!
I thing every one have to create his one style !!!
clothes make People !!!!

5. What is Your Future Projects?

My future projects are to support my own Fashion Brand 🙂
Im excited !!!!
Maybe some TV projects and more Model jobs
Thank you for support me 🙂

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