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Sandy Bogovac: Be Simple

1. Tell me about yourself

I’m Sandy Bogovac,22 years old model coming from Croatia. I joined fashion industry 3 years ago and since than Im traveling around and working as a fashion model.To be honest I never planned it before cuz I was playing basketball since I was 6 yo but injury made me change my profession and today Im really happy because of it.I definitely fall in love with this job and Im satisfied how my career is going on today.

2. How you decide to be model?

It was actually an accident,my ex agent just find me throught the social media and he was sure that I can become a sucessfull model one day and Im really glad he was right.Past 3 years Im living amazing life enjoying definitely every moment in modeling and just traveling around.I just started.

3. Give us some style tips for spring and summer

I think that for one male model is very important to introduce yourself on the best possible way so you always need to be on with fashion.Im always trying to follow what is actual and of course stayed tuned with my favorite brands.If you ask me about trends this year, I would definitely reccomend the very simple,black and white and of course old school cuz those things would never get old and with em you can never miss.

4. What is the difficulty of modelling?

There are always some good and bad stuffs. Modeling is risky job so you can never be 100% sure that you gonna work on some market,so definitely most important thing is just to believe in yourself,stay always what you are and be patient and I guess you will always find the way to decline difficulties.

5. Give me some grooming tips

You always need to be classy and to represent yourself in best possible way. It means,be fashion,live fashion,take care about your way of live and the most important thing is to believe in yourself and there will be no problems Im sure.

6. What is your future projects?

I just arrived to Istanbul few days ago represented by True models. Before that I was kicking the winter fashion week in Milan,walking for Dolce and Gabbana and Moncler and Im very happen that my agency there (Major models) and my mother agency (Demons model mgmt) believed in me and make it happen.Gonna stay in Istanbul for a while and than Im going to Germany to see what gonna happen there.This year Im trying to stay mostly in Europe and getting ready for USA market in January next year.

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