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Anderson Steindorf: Show Your Real Side

1. Tell Me About Yourself?

So my name is Anderson Steindorf I have 20 years old I’m half German half Brazilian I born in Santa Catarina and I love cars haha like crazy haha.

2. Style is What For You?

For me style is everything like u can know the guy just looking his style
Is what people say to me when they see me like I’m always dressing black but I also like to feel comfortable
Everyone have his own style but when u are modeling u need change some times u need show to the client that u also looks good on a suit.

3. Give Me Some Tips About Modeling

Really hard question haha I think if u want to be a model and u really love this job keep trying don’t give up the start is really hard but your time gonna come
Always show ur real side be always fresh they wanna see the nature
Take care of ur body and be happy with time everything gonna be good
I always say to my self if I don’t try is a No and the no I already have so I don’t have anything to lose so I always try to improve myself.

4. How You Start to Modeling?

I start very early I can say like 15 to 16 I was a freestyle BMX and I really love radical sports so one day a agency come ask me to do travel to other city to make some pics and I was not really interested but my family bring me there and then I did my first book and after few months I was going to Milan Fashion Week that was crazy and I start to love this job.

5. What is Your Future Projects?

I have a big project with my mother agency Time Models International we already planed some really good stuff for this year and I’m already thinking about next. I really wanna try Los Angeles not just as a model but maybe something on Tv. But in the moment I want to enjoy all the country’s I can haha.

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