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Turkish Top Model Ayberk Manay

1. Tell me about yourself

Hello there. I’m Ayberk Manay. I’m 24 years old. I am a Geological Engineering student, also studied acting. I started modeling at 21. But for me the best year about modeling was in 2016. I love my work and I enjoy doing this business internationally. Because it is a very good feeling to be accepted all over the world. I want to improve my model as well as my player in the future. I modeled in Indonesia last year. I have recently returned to Turkey. I am currently doing career planning on acting but international modeling projects continue. Because my main job is modeling.

2. I saw on your profile you did win best model of the Turkey tell me about your success story

First of all I am dreaming since my 18 years of Best Model of Turkey contest. Because it is a very prestigious competition, it is very respectable and this sector has got successful models. It was a great feeling to get a prize and made me feel very special. I was chosen Best Model of Turkey 2016 Best Marmara.
I always believe in positive energy. You want something too much and you give the message to the house, I really want it. Again on such a day we met with Erkan Özerman, the founder of Best Model of Turkey and World. And he asked me; Are you a model? I think that’s the question I want to hear and it made me very happy to hear it from an expert like him. I told him I wanted to enter the competition and he invited me. And then, I was chosen Best Marmara 2016.

3. Tell me about your style

I think that modeling is not only a profession that is valid for photographs or podiums. So I am always selective in normal life. I prefer to be careful. I love being fashionable. Even if I wear very simple, I can strengthen it with a small number.

4. How often you go to Gym?

Sports is part of this job. And I do very fondly. The sport is motivating me. I do fitness 5 days a week.

5. What is the difficulty of modelling? give some advices to my readers

I think it’s a secret to be passionate. You accomplish everything that protects your passion and excitement.

6. What will your future projects?

I want to be a model that reflects fashion at every age. There are many Asian and European countries I want to go to. But my biggest dream is to practice my model in Italy. Hmm to [email protected] for offers 😉
We may come as the only person and character in life, but I think some people can live in many characters. I believe I am one of them. And I believe to be a successful player. And I plan my future in this direction. I have been trained in acting, but I will continue to do so. Because acting is a profession that needs to be renewed every day like life. Thanks for interview.

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