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Giuseppe Commisso: Passion to Work in the Fashion World

1. Tell Me About Yourself

I am 26 yo and I have been travelling a lot in my life, grown in sicily that made me the street life experience and made part of my character, moved in the North of italy when I was 13yo with my family (we have a really strong feeling and I can’t stay too long far away from them), sacrifices after sacrifices working in a restaurant until 18yo when I decided to start the modelling career it changed my life for so many reasons:

1- passion to work in the fashion world,

2, it gave me the opportunity to earn more money,

3- meeting so many people day by day and a lot of friends,

4- it gave me the opportunity to travel around the world…

2. Tell Me About Your Diet & fitness Plan

I have been almost everywhere in europe, part of Africa and for more than 1 year in Asia, India for the most of time! About my life style i can say that I always studied everything about food, muscles and Sports nutrition! I have done more than 10 years of martial arts, soccer, gymnastic, swimming and football for the most!

What is my routine day? Wake up with a rich breakfast of good carbs,protein,multivitamins and good fats, and keep eating every 3 hours small meals to keep my methabolism high and burn more calories, having energies to workout 3/4 hours a day and be focused on it! This is the secret of having a good&healthy body balance,abs always on shape and muscles always pumped!

3. What is Your Future Projects?

Now I am gonna stay in Milan and work here and pushing for my model career, but I know that in future my dream will be to open a high level gym and continuing to live with my passion…

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