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Tolga Akgul: My life is all about Fitness and Fashion

1. Talk about yourself

My name is Tolga Akgül. I live in Germany and I’m 25 years old. My life is all about Fitness and Fashion. I started with Fitness, cause’ i was very thin. With I size of 1.83m, I weighed 67kg. I was dissatisfied with my Body und want to change it. That’s how I started to go to the Gym and do it now 5 years long. I made clear progress. Now, with my size of 1.83m I weigh 94kg. Since than I have much more opportunities for example Fashion. Now I like what I dress and I feel more comfortable in my Body.

2. Give us some tipps for a healthy life

For me it’s important, to be satisfied with what you have and what you do with that. Also it’s important to exercise regularly and to watch what you eat.

3. What is your Fitness routine

I go five times a week to the gym and follow my nutritional plan.

Monday: Chest / Abs
Tuesday: Legs / Calves
Wednesday: Back/ Cardio
Thursday: Day off
Friday: Shoulder / Neck
Saturday: Biceps / Triceps / Cardio
Sunday: Day off

4. What means Fashion to you?

Fashion is a big part of my life. You are what you dress. Your style represent you.

5. How good works Fitness and Fashion together?

Fitness and Fashion works good together, cause’ you communicate with your Body. A good Body present the Fashion much better.

6. Your plans for the future?

I want to reach much more with Fashion und try to inspire the people. I want to continue with my Body. I want to see more of the world and learn more about their different cultures.

Thank you for the Interview
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Instagram: @tolga_akgul

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