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Keep it Simple But Noticeable

My name is Marcel and i am a fitness, fashion and commercial model from germany.

As you see on my instagram account (@marcel_voelker) and my website (, fashion is a important thing for me and i got my own rules what to wear and why.

Even in the gym, style and comfort is an important thing for me.

  1. I try to avoid wearing shirts or jackets with a big branding on it.
  2. I try to avoid wearing anything with a patterns like longitudinal or cross stripes.
  3. I try to wear not too much layers as this looks a little bit to edgy for me.
  4. I try not to mix too many different colors – keep it simple!
  5. Blue Jeans is always a good idea
  6. I try to give relief to my outfit using accessoires like watches, chains, dogtags and similar.

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