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Interview – Dream Boy Shane Tyler Finlayson

Name : Shane Tyler

Country : England

Age : 28
Instagram : Shanetyler_finlayson

Job: Working in the Modeling industry and a professional dancer for the Dreamboys and Dreamboys tour, also a ambassador for a few fitness clothing lines and management.
Belong to Dreamboys for dancing and united productions dance company.

Modeling for agencies such as, model agency, united productions, Prestige international models, Ann summers model and free lance.
I have three main styles such as,

Gym wear that is tight and comfortable or the opposite slightly baggy as I’m in the studio a lot of the time dancing.
Smart casual:
Tight jeans and a nice pair of trainers or shoes , then on top nice fitted top on top but long and loose at the bottom, job done.

Suited and booted:
For meetings or first impressions you can never beat a nice fitted suit.
Grooming tips:
I use L’oreal man expert moisturiser first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I have my hair cut every two weeks and stubble trimmed up and shaped once a week in less  I go for the clean shaven look for a shoot.
As I am entering a few fitness competitions next year and touring with the dream boys, my gym time and studio time have gone up massively to 6-7 days a week and some days twice a day or dancing then the gym.

But to stay lean for anyone diet is very important too.

Advice to any one just be happy with yourself and groom a bit , train a few days week , shop like crazy and feel amazing in how you dress and look after yourself. Every one is different and that’s what makes fashion so good.


Photos Credit by Susan Grace Hinman

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