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Interview with Malathe Kamal Alkhateeb

MS: Tell me about your style


I like to mix and match all kind of styles:from casual, geeky styles to edgy, fancy styles. I prefer to represent my personality and individuality by my looks.
MS:Which one do you prefer casual or dapper style?
I prefer casual style more.
MS: Tell me about your grooming tips
I take SugarBear vitamins and use coconut, oregano oils to keep my hair healthy, strong and long.
MS: Which shoeswear brandsdo you like most?
I love comfy, elegant(fancy) shoes, usually I prefer adidas, Nike, puma and sometimes buy shoes from Asos.
MS: Give to me your fashion tips?    IMG_4046
Everyone is beautiful. The important thing is to take care of yourself. No matter if you are fat or slim, tall or small, you should find the outfit that will suit you. Always try to change your look, hairstyle, beard. Try something new everyday until you will find the best and unique style for yourself. Perfume is also important,it might be cheap or expensive, it doesn’t matter, just try the one you love the most. Treat yourself, be proud of your uniqueness, love yourself!

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