Darko Milevski’s Grooming Tips

  1. Do you trust your hairdresser?

I do. For me my hair is damn important and I finally found a hairdresser who truly understands my hair and hairstyle.

But was it easy? No.

Since I have been living in different country’s I have also changed many hairdressers.  Having high expectations on ones hairstyle maybe a problem, but but but… When the hairdresser understands your style and you can put all your trust into their work, the results are great – and you feel great too.

  1. Your hair is your best accessory – so take care of it!

Here is how I take care of my hair:

–       First, do not shower your hair every single day. This is how I keep my hair healthy – I shower mine every second/third day, depending on the state of the hair.

–       Second, when showering your hair, start by using a normal shampoo to wash out all of the dirt from the hair. Then take your favourite shampoo (I use; ”The original Mane ’n Tale – for shiny, manageable hair”) and massage it into the sculp. This leaves the hair soft and shining.

–       Third, take your favourite conditioner (I use; The original Mane ’n Tale – for thicker, healthier looking hair) and normally you should only put conditioner on the tip of the hair, however this conditioner creates greater results by massaging it into to the sculp.

–       Fourth, the best way to keep your hair healthy is to leave your hair drying by itself, I usually do this whenever I am home and not going out. However since I have natural curly hair, and want a smooth hairstyle I always use a hairdryer and hair straightener to create straight and volumes great hair.

–       Fifth, when done with all the prework, the challenging yet finishing part begins – styling. I use hairspray (with the highest effect) and hair wax (for extreme hold) and finding the balance between applying those two products can be tricky.

This part I do with full concentration and by gently applying hair wax, combing and hairspraying. Style with patience – don’t stress! And whenever I fuck it up, I do all the steps all over again.

  1. Want to look young and fresh? – Use baby products!

You are probably thinking – what!? But yeah I use baby products for my skin. First whenever I shower and I shower in steamy hot water, my body and face feels warm and soft. I immediately take my shaver, wash my face with hot water and shave directly without applying any kind of shaving products. This is called ”Military shaving”.

When I am done shaving I wash my face with ice cold water and dry it with a towel and put ”Original Pavlovic Ointment” (Baby care ointment) – which is used for daily care and protection of baby’s skin from sweat irritants.

My face is always baby soft and feels fresh all the time. I know a lot of men, who are struggeling with facial irritations and I always recommend this way of shaving and facial cream.

I would like to finish out by emphasizing that it is not nessessary to spend a lot of money on expensive products to look great –  We all have different skin types, hair types and bodies. Simply try to understand your body, hair and face, and then you know how to take care of it.

Stay fresh!  

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